We here at Specialist Espresso have carefully chosen what we think to be, the best manufactured machines to extract and prepare coffee. We only supply top end coffee and tea extraction equipment. If it’s a one group for home or office or a complete Roastery set up with multiple espresso, filters, grinders and steaming machines we can offer you the very best, this industry has to offer. Customable, reliable, and delicious.



We are not just re-sellers...! We work very close with the development and production of these machines. From R+D and testing of prototypes, Design and Parts we make sure these Machines are ready for the Australasian Specialty Coffee Industry.


We here at Specialist Espresso offer comprehensive 24/7 on-call support for all equipment sold. We have carefully chosen and trained technical service companies from around Australasia, for customers outside of Victoria. We also Offer a Preventative Maintenance Program to make sure your machine doesn’t miss a beat. Call +61 416 119 130 or


Specialist Espresso understand aesthetics are important in this cutting-edge age of our industry. We can customize any machinery to blend into your décor or if you want it to scream, look at me, we can do it. We also stock and supply the complete product range from pantechnicon design Seattle.


We have a rental machine service if purchasing isn’t your cup of coffee.


We have a purpose-built showroom for you to come in and try these machines out for yourself. We have most major brands of Grinders available so you can replicate your cafe environment before you buy.


We offer comprehensive Barista and Technician training for all Machinery Sold.


We have every part for every machine we supply. You can swing by and pick up, or get them delivered, or leave the job for our Technical Dept to implement.


Customization and restoration have always been a big part of are business going back 30 years, when we began restoring vintage lever machines.

As the industry has grown so have we, we still restore vintage levers but also work with great artisans to create a specialised machine just for you. Our painters are the best in the industry, wither it be powder coated with tough coat to stop chipping and damage to hand painted one off customized paint, you are in good hands.

We are very excited to have teamed up with Jacob Ellul-Blake from Pantechnicon design (Seattle) to distribute, what we think is the some of the best accessories on the market. Wood infused with resin to stop expansion and damage highlights why these products are better than any other and why we have teamed up with him. These products are beautifully designed and easily installed to give your machine a specialized look that will last and not break.

If you are after something specialised to blend into your décor or if you want it to scream look at me get in touch and we can up with a solution for you.


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For 30 years the Alam Family have operated The Coffee Man as a pure espresso machine service company, selling, maintaining & customising espresso equipment. In 2014 we established a relationship with Slayer Espresso as one of their global distribution partners and through this process Specialist Espresso was created. Specialist Espresso has been established to bring a level of confidence in the equipment we provide. We work closely with our partners in the research & development of all our products and it is through this open channel that we can provide our customers with leading-edge equipment and the knowledge to back it up.    

We Service, Train and Supply what we think is the most innovative and aesthetically designed equipment to extract the most Beautiful coffees from around the world. We still hold on to the ideals that the Alam Family started all those years ago, but as technology and a pursuit for better aesthetics has improved in this industry, we have also moved with them. So if you are after top end reliable equipment that can be customised to fit the aesthetics of your establishment, then please get in touch and let’s make it happen.

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